In this tutorial, we will use the Host Element Free to run the Dirac Processor Plugin together with Voice Meeter Banana for multichannel processing on Windows by doing the following steps:

  • Open Windows Sound Settings. (You can type Windows + R and enter mmsys.cpl to reach it directly.)

  • Select Voice Meeter Input ang click Configure. Select your multichannel setup.

Open Voice Meeter Banana and select your soundcard as output A1. Use an ASIO driver.

In Voice Meeter Banana, go to Menu >System Settings/Options. Activate the Insert for the virtual input.

Open Element and click File > Preferences. Change audio device type to ASIO.

In Element, open Options > Audio Device. Select Voicemeeter Insert as the audio driver.

In Element, open View >Plugin Manager and click Scan to make sure the Dirac Processor Plugin is in the list.

Go to View >Graph Editor. Right click and insert DiracLiveProcessor.

Close the Dirac Processor Plugin User Interface and click on the cogwheel. Choose your multichannel configuration (Input and Output must be the same) then click save.

Double click DiracLiveProcessor box to open the User Interface and select your multichannel configuration.

Connect the pins between the insert and Dirac Processor Plugin by dragging the wires. Start from pin number seven (pins 7-14 are Voice Meeter Banana virtual input).

You have now setup the Voice Meeter Banana together with Dirac Processor Plugin and the VST host Element. You are now ready to perform a measurement and create your first filters. You should now proceed according the instructions included here: Dirac Live® Processor - Quick Start Guide - Dirac Live Support - Confluence

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