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You may sometimes have a problem seeing Dirac-enabled devices, like AVRs or the Dirac Live Processor, inside the Dirac Live application. "No devices found" shows in the "Select device" screen. This is usually caused by a problem with communication inside your home network, so let's investigate.


  • Your AVR or Processor is not sending the proper signal to Dirac Live.
  • Dirac Live cannot access the signal being sent by your AVR or Processor.
  • The AVR or Processor's signal is being delayed.
  • Traffic inside your network is being rerouted or modified.
    • Often caused by firewall or antivirus software, or proprietary network setups.
  • Home network UPnP/File Sharing/Device Discovery is disabled.
    • This means that devices on your network cannot directly communicate with one another.
  • Dirac Live cannot access or read the IP of your AVR.


  • Ensure that both the device running the Dirac Live application and the AVR or Processor are connected to the same network, with full internet connectivity.
  • Enable UPnP/File Sharing/Network Discovery on your router and all devices in your Dirac chain.
  • Connect your devices to your router via ethernet.
    • NAD units tend to have more consistent connection via wireless network connection. Try restarting your unit and connecting to wifi before accessing it with Dirac Live.
  • Switch Windows network type to Private from Public.
  • Make sure all devices are on the same subnet.
  • If your router or network switch supports IGMP Snooping, deactivate this feature.
  • Temporarily disable your desktop firewall or network security software to complete the measure and filter export process, and then reactivate it.

  • Find the device IP (usually accessible inside firmware menus) and connect to it directly using the "IP" button in the top left menu of the Dirac Live "Select device" screen.
    • You might also try assigning new IPs to your devices via your router settings menu. Setting a static IPs for the AVR might also help.
  • Assign a static IP to your AVR via router DHCP settings. Guide: How to Set Static IP Addresses On Your Router (
  • Deactivate any VPN connections on your network or devices where you will be running calibration.
  • Reduce complexity in your connection chain. If you are connecting the device to your network or computer through multiple stages, switches, or cables, please simplify this arrangement to the minimum number of transfers with the shortest cables. Reroutes and long cables can lead to timeouts.
  • Restart your AVR or Processor and the device hosting the Dirac Live application.
    • In extreme instances, a factory reset of your AVR might help.
  • Update to the latest firmware available for your device, as well as the latest Dirac Live or Processor (if applicable) version.
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