You may receive an error message that reads "Cannot control the Dirac Live Processor." There are a few different causes to this issue, but it is often easily fixed.


  • There is no sound stream open inside the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or plug-in host where the Dirac Processor is running.
    • Gaps in playback for the sound stream (like when a song ends) can also lead to stutters or problems reading the stream.
  • Connection between Dirac Live® app and Dirac Processor is inconsistent.
  • Connection between Dirac Processor and DAW or plug-in host is inconsistent.
  • A network port used by your DAW is being blocked. 


  • Be sure to have content playing back inside your DAW or plug-in host when opening the Dirac Processor and Dirac Live® app.
  • Restart the DAW or plug-in host where the Dirac Processor lives, as well as the Dirac Live® app.
  • See whether a different DAW allows communication between the Processor and Dirac Live®. Run the measurement and filter export process in this second DAW and use the filters in your primary DAW. (Filters are saved on a per-computer basis and are usable between instances of the Processor.)
  • If the problem recurs after a software restart and when the sound stream is guaranteed open, try rebooting your device and reconnecting input/output cables.
  • Some DAWs require specific ports to be open for proper operation. Enter your network/firewall/router settings and open the port required by the application.
    • JRiver: Port 11113

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