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In this tutorial, we will use the AU Lab program to run the Processor Plugin together with BlackHole.
Proceed by doing the following steps:

  • Start AU Lab and create a new document by selecting File->New… Select Stereo in/Stereo
    out with input device: BlackHole 16 ch and Output device your preferred soundcard.

  • Play a sound with spotify or a mediaplayer to make sure sound is passing through.
    • If you hear no sound, make sure AU Lab is allowed to access the microphone.

  • Add DiracLiveProcessor plugin to effects on the output channel

  • Save the AU Lab document that you just created and go to AU Lab->Preferences… and select
    documents. Choose Open a specific document in the radio button list and choose the document you
    just saved.
    • You can also right click the AU Lab icon in the Dock and choose option->Open at Login

You have now setup AU Lab together with Dirac Processor Plugin and BlackHole. You are now ready to perform a measurement and create your first filters.

Proceed according the Step by Step instructions found at Dirac Processor Plugin - Quick Start Guide - Dirac Live Support - Confluence and continue from “Install and set up the Dirac Live
calibration tool”