Installing Jriver

Go to

Choose either 32 or 64 bit version of Jriver. This will later on impact what Processor Plugin version you should use. (Generally 64 bit is recommended). Double click the setup file to start installation. Note that you will need to purchase Jriver in order to use it after the trial has expired.

Installing Dirac Live®

Download Dirac Live® at

Double click the setup file to start installation. Make sure you have your Dirac Live® account and the password ready. If you haven't got one, you can register at Note: You will need a paid license to run the Dirac Processor Plugin.

Installing Dirac Processor Plugin

  • Download Dirac Processor Plugin at Choose the same processor type (32/64 bit) as the Jriver installer. (Generally 64 bit is recommended, but if you want to experiment with other VST hosts than the Jriver 64 bit, you might need the 32 bit version).
  • Double click the setup file to start installation. During install, you can select you own preferred install path. The default location for VST files will be the following:
    • For 32-bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
    • For 64-bit version: C:\Program Files\Common Files  

This location is where the VST binaries are stored and you will need to point them out later on in Jriver.

Setup Jriver

  • Start Jriver and add music to the library. This can be done via Tools>Import or by dragging audio into Jriver.
  • Go to Options >Audio in Jriver and choose the preferred output device. WASAPI Audio Interface is recommended.
  • In Jriver options>General>Features, activate “WDM driver”
  • Goto DSP menu in Jriver and select desired output format:
  • Click “manage plugins” and select “add Jriver, VST or Winamp plugin”

Now browse to the installation path where you put the VST files during Processor Plugin installation and point to the file DiracLiveProcessor. The Processor Plugin should now be added the DSP menu in Jriver.

If you are incorporating video, please lower lip sync delay settings.

See for more information.

If you want the processor to be active each time you start your computer, this can be set under Jriver options>startup


  • In Windows, make sure your sound output is Jriver Media Center. This can be done by clicking the speaker in the lower right corner in Windows.
  • Now play a music track in Jriver. Check the volume. You should have sound coming from your speakers.

Before everything clicks you might need to restart Jriver a few times.

  • Now open the DSP options window in Jriver. Select the Dirac Processor Plugin and you should see that the level meters on the right-hand side are responding to the music. This means that the audio is being processed though the Dirac Processor Plugin. At this moment you do not have any filters that correct your room though, so it's now time to do a measurement and create a filter.

Please continue reading at for a quick start guide to get going and how to measure and create filters. with DAWs or here: if you're using a Media Player.

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