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This problem occurred on a MAC where the window of the processor does not show itself after starting Dirac Processor.


"Dirac Live processor does NOT show its window after I purchased license. Therefore I cannot select my audio device with the Dirac Live Processor.

I have tried the following things:

  • Terminate Dirac Live Processor from Activity Monitor of MacOS, then restart Dirac Live Processor.
  • Reinstall Dirac Live and Live Processor
  • Disconnect and logout from the menu of Dirac Live and re-log on and activate my license.
  • Reboot MacOS again and again, especially after re-installation of Dirac Live and Live Processor.

I have tried the trouble shooting on Quick Start Guide but the situation is the same.

One more thing, sometimes the following windows show. ( error code: Cant control the Dirac Live Processor - 1685)

Would you tell me how can I show the window of Dirac Live Processor the same as before purchase?

I wonder Dirac Live Processor process is running on MacOS but it does NOT show window to control."


The settings file called : DiracLiveProcessor.settings is the cause of this error. Even if the software were up to date ( 1.6.5 ) the problem occurred on MAC but not on Windows as of yet.

The removal of this file solved the problem.

Workaround solution:

The way to show the windows of Dirac Live Processor.

These are operation steps:
1. Open Application folder of MacOS and find DiracLiveProcessor.
2. Right click with Mouse and select "show package contents" from menu.
3. You can see the attached window. Click DiracLiveProcessor in MacOS folder.

Then you can see the windows of DiracLiveProcessor and operate it.


  1. Go to the MAC´s Activity Monitor: Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and double click.
  2. Make sure the Dirac Processor is not active. If it is: double click it in the monitor and press "quit".
  3. Delete the following file:
    Users<User Name>/Library/Application Support/Dirac/Dirac_Live_Processor/DiracLiveProcessor.settings
  4. Reboot and start Dirac Live Processor