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Dirac B2B Portal:

OEMs today use the Dirac B2B Portal to receive:

  • Third Line Support
    • Raise a request of this type if your 1st/2nd line support are not able to resolve an end user's issue and you need our help.
  • Integration Support
    • Support for integration Dirac Live on a Device. For example, Dirac IO Server or DLDSP.
  • UUID Lists
    • Provide UUID list for a model
  • Suggest improvement
    • See a place where we can do better? We're all ears.
  • Support
    • General Support. Select this if none of the options above are applicable.

How to use the B2B Portal:

  1. Get access to the Portal.
    1. If you are an employee of a Dirac-affiliated OEM or a contractor for an OEM who needs contact with our developers and Third Line Support staff, we can register you as a user of the Portal.
    2. If you have not been registered and should be, open a "B2B Portal Access" ticket on our Help Desk and specify your Organization, Name, Email address, and Role. We will give you access if needed.
    3. You might need to create an account. If you do, Jira (our Portal software) will send you an activation link and you can set up your own password for access.
  2. Open the Portal.
    1. Visit to access the B2B Portal.
  3. Select the relevant Portal option to start making a Request.
    1. As above, you can pick from Third Line Support, Integration Support, and more.
  4. Fill in all the relevant info in the Request creation page.
    1. For example, it is important that you fill in all the available information (like Model, Dirac Live Version, etc.) and attach diagnostic files when opening a Third Line Support request. 
  5. Create the request.
  6. Monitor the request and add additional users if necessary.
    1. You will now be able to track your Request as we reply to it.
    2. You can add large attachments (1GB+) on Requests.
    3. If you need to add additional users, like an end user who needs to be aware of the status of their ticket or upload more files, you can do this by clicking "Share" on the right side of the Request.
    4. You can also see an overview of your Requests by clicking "Requests" in the upper right, or by visiting this page: