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In order to use Dirac Processor Standalone, you will need to download and install two components: the Dirac Live® 3 application (3.0.x) and the Dirac Processor Standalone (1.4.x). Dirac Live® 3 is used to measure and generate filters, while the Processor Standalone stores the corresponding filters and processes audio data.

Download and Install Dirac Live® 3 and Dirac Processor Standalone

You can download Dirac Live® 3 and Dirac Processor Standalone here. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet for licensing purposes.


The Processor window will look empty the first time you open it. You will populate this window with filters after you have created them in Dirac Live® 3.

After starting Dirac Processor Standalone, the new sound device will be active and selected as the default sound device.


You are now ready to perform a measurement and create your first filters.

Continue with Dirac Live® 3 - Quick Start Guide or Dirac Live® 3 - User Manual. Happy listening!