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Select the number of channels relevant for your system.

Select Device Type

  • Windows Audio is in shared mode; the audio pipeline doesn’t take full control of the driver. Instead, it shares the audio resources with other audio application.
  • Windows Audio (Exclusive Mode) dedicating all the audio resources to Dirac Live Processor and it take over Windows’ audio pipeline.
  • Windows Audio (Low Latency Mode) is an alternative version of Windows Audio, where it uses the latest available Windows audio interface in a shared mode but can still have a low latency.
  • ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) is a sound card driver protocol specified by Steinberg, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface between Dirac Live Processor and the computer's sound card

Select your "normal" sound device as output. If you have a ASIO drivers for your sound card, select ASIO as the Audio Device Type.