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  • Ensure Dirac Live® is the final stage in your signal chain. That is to say, any Any and all audio processing such as balance adjustments, bass enhancements, etc. must be carried out before a Dirac Live® measurement is executed, so that Dirac Live® can account for these in filter calculation.
  • Always take your first room measurement from the "sweet spot," or a centered location where you most often listen to music. Time and gain (i.e. balance) adjustments are based around the location of this first measurement.
    • For example, if you measure a "sweet spot" that is to the extreme left of your 2.0 setup, then, when sitting directly in the center of your 2.0 setup, the right speaker will be far louder. This is because the system is trying to give good balance and imaging to the position you measured to the extreme left. Always measure your first point in your usual listening spot!
  • Your microphone might be incorrectly reading the Dirac Live® measurement tones. This occurs if your microphone is faulty or non-omnidirectional, and can be corrected by replacing your microphone with one that we recommend. A good entry-level measurement microphone is the UMIK-1 from miniDSP.
  • Always complete all the measurement points in your selected arrangements.