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The Missing Samples Error is caused by problems with the microphone used for recording the Dirac Live® measurement tones.


  • The microphone you are using for measurements does not fit our specification.
  • A Signal-to-Noise Ratio issue, discussed in this article: Troubleshooting: Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Your USB interface is interrupting input on the microphone.
  • AVR settings are misconfigured.
  • The Mini USB connection on the microphone is glitching or the cable is broken.

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  • You can use any high-quality omnidirectional microphone (but only a high-quality omnidirectional microphone) with Dirac Live®. We recommend the miniDSP UMIK-1.
  • Connect your microphone to the USB port on your computer or the USB port on your AVR. Do not connect a microphone to the 3.5mm input on either device.
  • Try connecting the microphone to a different USB port.
  • One user reported that his NAD unit caused this problem when, in the "Amplifier" page, the "Back amplifier" setting was "Height 1." When set to "Height 2," the problem went away.
    • Navigate to Speaker Setup > Speaker Levels then press the "TEST" button on the NAD remote followed by "ENTER". You should hear the test tones at the correct speakers. If not please sort that out before trying the Dirac Calibration again
  • If you are trying to set up Dirac Live® on your NAD unit with their included microphone, ensure you are using their newer black dongle. The older white model does not work correctly and can lead to the Missing Samples Error. NAD is aware of this issue and can be contacted about a replacement here:
  • Exchange the USB cable to the microphone

    Dongle advice applies to NAD units only.