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  1. Run SoundSource and ensure it is available in the macOS menu bar. You will be able to apply and select Dirac Live filters from this menu later.
  2. Click the new speaker icon on the menu bar, which gives you access to the SoundSource control panel. Alternatively, open SoundSource from your Apps folder.
  3. In the SoundSource control panel, click the arrow on the right portion of the "Output" row. This opens the audio effects panel.
  4. With the audio effects panel open, click "Add Effect" and hover over "Dirac Research." Select "DiracLiveProcessor" from the list that opens. The "DiracLiveProcessor" is the Audio Units version of our Dirac Processor Plugin plug-in.
  5. Click the "On" button to the left of the DiracLiveProcessor to activate system audio correction. If you have not created a correction filter for the Dirac Processor Plugin, we can start this process now.