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*Run installer

*Restart computer

*Start DiracLiveProcessor in Applications

*In Dirac Live Processor, go to Option→Audio Settings...

*In Output select the audio interface you want to use. Do not select "Dirac Virtual Audio Device"

*Audio buffer size must be same as system buffersize, If you dont know the buffersize select 512.

*Open Applications/Utilities Audio MIDI Setup and select Dirac Virtual Audio Device and make sure Sample Rate int Dirac Live Processor matches the sample rate in Dirac Virtual Audio Device

*Play a sound and make sure the sound is passig through the Dirac Live Processor

You are now ready to perform a measurement and create your first filters.

Continue with Dirac Live® 3 - Quick Start Guide or Dirac Live® 3 - User Manual. Happy listening!


No Signal

Open Options→Audio Settings... dialog box and the signal should come back.

Make sure Dirac Virtual Audio Device is selected as the system Audio Output.

Distorted sound

It is important that the system sample rate is the same for Dirac Virtual Audio Device and the selected in Options→Audio Settings...

Buffer size must also be the same.


Multichannel (up to 8 channels) might work but is untested.

Dirac Virtual Audio Device does not appear in device select

Open Finder and select Go → Go to Folder

Paste /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins

If you have a folder named "HAL", restart your device to make sure your installation is complete, and then check for the Dirac Virtual Audio Device again.

If you do not have the "HAL" folder, create one and reinstall the Dirac Processor. Then check whether VAD.driver appears in the HAL folder.

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