Roon doesn't currently support standard AU and VST plugins, so a virtual cable is required for Dirac Live integration. In this case, Audio Hijack has been used, but others, including free alternatives, can be used as well.

Using Audio Hijack, the music stream from Roon is routed to the Dirac plugin, and from Dirac to the DAC or any output device.

  1. Launch Audio Hijack and start a new project.
  2. Drag the Application icon from the menu on the right.
  3. Click the Application icon and select Roon
  4. Drag the Audio Units icon to the right of the first (Application) icon. They will be automatically connected.
  5. Click the Audio Units icon and select the DiracLiveProcessor.
  6. Drag the Output Device icon to the right of the previous icon. It will be automatically connected.
  7. Click the Output Device icon and select the output device of your choice.


  • Exclusive audio should be disabled when using Audio Hijack, as this bypasses their Audio Capture Engine.
  • The button in the lower left corner must be clicked to activate the sound stream.
  • By clicking the DiracLiveProcessor icon, the Dirac Processor Plugin window opens. Here, Dirac Live filters can be changed and toggled on/off.

Video tutorial:

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