There is a documented issue with some Intel chipsets on Windows PCs that causes Dirac Live to crash. This affects Windows users with Intel CPUs using integrated (built-in) graphics processing. If you have a separate GPU, an AMD CPU, or are on macOS, this shouldn't affect you.


  • Dirac live freeze during measurement
  • During measurement becomes not responsive 
  • Reinstalling Dirac Live does not help

Verify the problem

Contact Dirac Live Support and provide your crash dump files (Troubleshooting: Diagnostic Files for Support - Dirac Live Support - Confluence).

If this is your problem, Support should identify this line:

Unhandled exception at 0x0000000180843351 (ig4icd64.dll) in DiracLive.exe.7312.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000070.


  1. Navigate to your %appdata% folder by opening a File Explorer window and clicking on the address bar, then typing or pasting in "%appdata%".
  2. Go into the DiracLive folder and open settings.ini. (Right click and open with Notepad or another text editor.)
  3. Check if there is a line with the text "softwareRendering".
    1. If it reads "softwareRendering=false", change it to "softwareRendering=true".
    2. If there is no "softwareRendering" line, add a new line with the text "softwareRendering=true".

  4. Save the file (Ctrl+S) and close it.
  5. Open Dirac Live and see if the fix helps.

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