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To help with your issue, Dirac Support staff require some information about how Dirac Live is running on your computer. Information can include logs, crash dumps, or project files. Here's how to find these and send them to Dirac Support.

Sending these files when you create a support ticket saves you time! If we have to ask for your diagnostics, it takes longer for us to resolve your problem.

Attaching and Sending Diagnostic Files

Diagnostic files can be very large and are sometimes impossible to send via email. We therefore ask that you submit any requested diagnostics via the Help Desk's built-in attachments feature, which supports files up to 2GB.

If you have multiple files to send, compressing them into a .zip or .rar archive before attaching them will save bandwidth and organizational headaches. Here's a guide to compressing folders on Windows and macOS.

Left: Attach a file during ticket creation. Right: Attach a file to your open ticket.

Log Files

Log files include information about how Dirac Live runs on your computer and helps us triangulate where, when, and how something has gone wrong while the program was running.


  • C:\Users\username\Dirac\logs
  • (%userprofile%\Dirac\logs)


  • /Users/username/Dirac/logs
  • (~/Dirac/logs)

Crash Dumps

If Dirac Live crashes, a minidump file will be created that contains information about the crash. Dirac Support can use this to triangulate software problems, so it's very useful to send these when you create a support ticket. Below are instructions for finding the crash dumps on your computer from version 3.0.14 onward.


  • C:\Users\username\Dirac\logs\CrashDumps


  • /Users/username/Dirac/logs/CrashDumps

Project Files

These are the filter design project files that Dirac Live uses for storing information about your listening environment and desired adjustments. You can reopen a saved project by using the project files. We use these to determine if something is out of the ordinary about your listening or recording setup.


  • C:\Users\username\Dirac\projects


  • /Users/username/Dirac/projects
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