When the user for example has the ARCAM AVR hardware with Bass control Tier 1 ( or other hardware with built in Bass management Tier 1)

Dirac Live works as a default according to the built in features even if the user have not logged in. 

The information in the lower left corner: "Not signed into Dirac Account"

This results in that the user with for example ARCAM AVR´s that have taken the choice to upgrade to "Multi sub upgrade" from their "Tier 1" thats built in, wont work because they are not logged into the mail account they used when they bought this upgrade.


Error message: Invalid License

"Your bass control License supports a maximum of one subwoofer. If you wish to use Bass control upgrade your license to higher tier or disable all but one subwoofer"

"The loaded project uses licenses you do not possess. Measurements have been loaded, but filter design data is discarded"

There can also be: Debug info - Dirac Connect session uuid" when trying to export filter


The user must be logged in to Dirac Live the account they used when they bought the upgrade or license.

The log clearly shows no user has been logged in and gets only basic capabilities that not support Tier 3 bass management.

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